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UFS file system support (read-only)
  BSD and derivate versions of Unix (such as SunOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD,
  OpenBSD and NeXTstep) use a file system called UFS. Some System V
  Unixes can create and mount hard disk partitions and diskettes using
  this file system as well. Saying Y here will allow you to read from
  these partitions; if you also want to write to them, say Y to the
  experimental "UFS file system write support", below. Please read the
  file <file:Documentation/filesystems/ufs.txt> for more information.

  If you only intend to mount files from some other Unix over the
  network using NFS, you don't need the UFS file system support (but
  you need NFS file system support obviously).

  Note that this option is generally not needed for floppies, since a
  good portable way to transport files and directories between unixes
  (and even other operating systems) is given by the tar program ("man
  tar" or preferably "info tar").

  When accessing NeXTstep files, you may need to convert them from the
  NeXT character set to the Latin1 character set; use the program
  recode ("info recode") for this purpose.

  If you want to compile the UFS file system support as a module ( =
  code which can be inserted in and removed from the running kernel
  whenever you want), say M here and read
  <file:Documentation/modules.txt>. The module will be called ufs.o.

  If you haven't heard about all of this before, it's safe to say N.

UFS file system write support (DANGEROUS)
  Say Y here if you want to try writing to UFS partitions. This is
  experimental, so you should back up your UFS partitions beforehand.

On Sat, Nov 29, 2003 at 10:52:20AM -0500, Alex Snow wrote:
> Hi all. I'm trying to mount the kern.flp freebsd install disk so I can 
> modify it for installation using serial terminal.
> what fs should I mount this as? bc it mounts it as ufs but I cant right 
> to it even though it says it's rw.
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