gnopernicus working

Kenny Hitt kenny at
Wed Nov 26 23:23:06 EST 2003

Hi.  Here's how I do it.  After I installed my DECTalk software I
recompile the gnome-speech module.  Because DECTalk is a commercial
product Debian's binary package for gnome-speech only has support for
festival.  Once you recompile, you should have the support for the
DECTalk.  Type test-speech in a console to see what synths you have
available to Gnopernicus.  Once you have support for the DECTalk
software in gnome-speech, just tell Gnopernicus to switch to it.

Hope this helps.

On Wed, Nov 26, 2003 at 04:28:08PM -0500, showell at wrote:
> Thanks folks for the info. I got Gnopernicus working, but now a new 
> larning curve...grin.
> Btw, has anyone found info on how to get Gnopernicus working with the 
> Decktalk speech? Festival isn't to bad, but would be neat to get it 
> working with it.
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