Charles Crawford ccrawford at
Wed Nov 26 20:21:08 EST 2003

Hi All,

	sorry for the off topic posting, but I have downloaded the latest 
version of icecast which would allow me to transmit an internet radio 
stream with .ogg files and that is cool.  The problem is that I am soft 
because I am used to redhat rpm and they install easily.  This is a 
tarball which I have installed as far as that is concerned but I have no 
idea where to go from there.  It has to do with installation of the 
icecast software and make file and I am lost.   If anyone can help me with 
this, I woulf really appreciate it.   You can email me off list at 
ccrawford at with a phone number perhaps and I can call you in 
the U.S. or Canada.



-- Charlie Crawford

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