Installing speak from the ico immage available on the web

Scott Berry n7zib at
Wed Nov 26 19:50:49 EST 2003

What I did is use Windows Nero program and opened the iso from inside
Nero and set it up as a data disk and it took care of the rest.
To install:

Basically the cdrom will come up.  Then you type "speakup_synth=synth"
(synth meaning whatever synthesizer you have.)  Then follow the screens
till you get to "cfdisk" then this can be tricky I will let some one with
a little more knowledge explain this too you.  After this then you simply
continue the installation and when it gets to the end you will need to
reboot and then after the reboot hit the left shift and then type
root=/dev/xxx (where xxx = /hda number of partion where the root system
is.)  Then just an added note in "lilo.conf" which is located in
/etc/lilo.conf you may add the line "append speakup=synth" (again where
the synth is the synthesizer you are using.  Then every time you reboot
Speakup should come up.  If there are any more questions please feel free
to write me off list.

 On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Sean McMahon wrote:

> I downloaded the ico immage of speakup on the debian potato system.  How do
> I install it and how do I make the cd bootable.  This is going on a computer
> which will get re-formatted from Windows to Debian.  I'm asking because I
> didn't see any documentation from the webpage.
> thanks
> Sean
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