fresh install of Fedora

Guy Schlosser guyster at
Wed Nov 26 11:19:49 EST 2003

Thanks Krister.  I'll have to try that when I get home from work 
tonight.  Also, I was able to obtain some info regarding my Ethernet card 
problem if anyone has any input.  When booting up, I hear the message 
"unable to find link.  Check cable" or something to that effect.  When I 
get logged in as root, I can do dhclient eth0, and everything is cool, but 
is there a way to make Linux obtain my DHCP info on bootup automatically?

Thanks much,


At 05:36 AM 11/26/2003, you wrote:
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>Hi Guy,
>On 26 Nov 2003 01:39:21  (my local time 07:39:21), you typed::
>GS> Lastly, I am having a hard time getting gnopernicus to come up talking 
>GS> X is started.  When in X, I can do an alt+f-2, type in gnopernicus and it
>GS> will speak, but if I simply issue a startx command, nothing.
>Bring up the start menu by hitting alt+f1 and from there, go to
>"preferences" sub menu. Arrow right into that menu and choose
>"assistive technology" and hit "enter".
>Make sure the check boxes for accessibility and screen reader are
>checked and hit "ok". Now, Gnopernicus should come up talking.
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