question on keynote gold and arctic synths

Alex Snow alex_snow at
Tue Nov 25 21:37:31 EST 2003

I'd get the transport.
I have one here and am really happy with it. It's got good speech 
quality, it can take a lot of abuse, and it has the dos screenreader 
in a eeprom so all you have to do is press a few buttons to install it 
on a dos machine. it also works really good with linux.
the keynote pcmcia I'm not sure if It works with linux yet but if not 
I think there's a driver in development.
On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 
06:19:07PM -0500, Jared wrote:
> I have the ability to get two synths. One is an arctic transport, it says it
> needs to be sent in for upgrading to work under windows. Will this work
> under linux with out upgrading? I also have the ability to get a PCMCIA
> synthesizer which is a keynote gold that fits into the laptop. The box says
> it needs dos 5.0 or higher though which makes me nervice, will this synth
> run under linux? Appreciate any info.
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