all right, one more question

Erik Heil eheil at
Mon Nov 24 11:03:17 EST 2003

Hi there.  Presently I don't believe that there are Speakup-enabled ISO
images up on bumpy.  If you were to get the regular stock boot disks,
Speakup would not be included. So your best bet is to create regular boot
disks and install the system that way for now.
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Subject: all right, one more question

> All righty, just one more question here.  Was looking at the speakup FTP
> site and didn't see the ISO for Debbian Woody.  Is there some where I can
> get the ISO?  If I download an ISO from the debbian page, will it still
> work if I download the boot disks from the speakup site?  As always,
> a bunch.
> Later,
> Guy
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