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Shaun Oliver shaun_oliver at optusnet.com.au
Mon Nov 24 08:33:50 EST 2003

now. I've read some utter trash in my time,  however, being told my 
browser doesn't accept cookies ,s pure bs.
I sent this to an australian retailor over here.

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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 00:26:50 +1100
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I'm writing to inform you of a possible error on your site.

As I am a user of the GNU/Linux operating system, you would no doubt be aware that it's text based browsers are quite capable of accessing most sites. aside from a few javascript issues, the browser in question "Lynx" has no trouble accessing most sites.
however, upon visiting your site, I find my browser is presented with a page telling me I'm unable to accept cookies which in my humble oppinion is an outright lie.

Were I not accepting cookies, I'd not be able to brows to sites e.g. google alltheweb and various others I frequent..

I put it to you that the checking for browser types on your site is seriously lacking and could be easily fooled with a simple change in the user agent string from my browser.

As I am a totally blind computer user and use the computer with the aid of screen review software, I find the inaccessability of this site offensive, and possibly in breach of the ada (antidiscrimination act).

I await your responsse in this matter.


Shaun Oliver

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