glad to be back but I have a dilemma.

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Hi Dan,
I haven't run a full blown Linux distrobution for even an hour, but I'd say if you can buy that second drive, go for it. That's
your best bett and takes all the fear out of repartitioning your other drive, because there's nothing to screw up on that second
drive. If you purchase a hard drive from your computer store as a stand alone device then you don't have to worry about anything
because there's nothing on that drive to begin with.
Just my advice.
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Hello folks
.  I have rejoined the list because I really want to get started with
Linux again after my other computer with Linux died.
Here's the problem.
Right now I have an old version of Slackware 8.0 running kernel 2.2.19
with that umsdos version that lets you run it under Dos so I can run it on
my windows partition, but it's rather dated.
Dated enough, for instance, that I know of no way for it to see my DSL
modem, and I don't suspect 2.2.19 offers support for DSL anyway.
So if I want to run full-blown Linux, here are what seem to be my options.
1. break down and buy a second drive and run a dual boot system, not too
2.  try to re-partition my existing drive, but if using the Linux
partition utility, parted, , I want step-by-step assistance so I don't
croke my existing windows partition, (been there, done that).
3. buy a program like partition magic which I hear is easy to use and will
do the job safely.
thoughts, anyone?

Dan Murphy
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