Installing fedora from isos on HD?

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Fri Nov 21 23:27:32 EST 2003

Hi Bill,

Thanks as always for your very prompt response.
I downloaded the isos last evening from, but
something is very strange.  So far, I am noticing the following problems:

1.  The issue I mensioned earlier about not being able to install from isos
on the HD.
2.  it seems like the Speakup kernel is either not being installed, or the
speakup_synth parameter is not being passed to the kernel.
I know that at least disk 1 is correct because when I boot it and do text
speakup_synth=ltlk, the installer comes up talking.
I am selecting grub as my boot loader, and it looks like the installer is
configuring grub to pass the speakup_synth=ltlk parameter at boot time;
However, once the install finishes and the system reboots, I have no speech.
I have even tried to  pass the parameter manually, but I am not as familiar
with grub so am not sure if I'm doing it correctly.  the syntax i have used
is "a speakup_synth=ltlk".
I appreciate your offer of assistance via phone and will gladly take you up
on it if I can't resolve this soon.  What times are convenient for you to
receive calls?

Thanks again,

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