getting Gnopernicus to speak

showell at showell at
Fri Nov 21 04:32:47 EST 2003


I am interested in trying this out. I am using Fedora 1.0 and everything 
appears to be installed. The question I have and haven't been able to 
determine from the docs is this. First in the GNopernicus documentation 
I found on the web it refers to gnome-speech, but I haven't located this 
and it apparently is a program. I'll have to go back over the docs to 
refresh my memory of its purpose, but I guess until I find it that won't 
matter much.<grin> Can someone tell me if this thing exists and where I 
might locate it? I might be digging in the wrong place or searching for 
it incorrectly, but maybe its something else.
Ok the other question is do I need to launch festival in server mode 
prior to running startx or does it get launched as a part of the 
Gnopernicus startup process. I haven't found anything that says one way 
or the other, but then I'm not surprised as perhaps its assumed the 
speech server/whatever is already running. This again could be a 
missconception on my part.
Oh lastly, I reconfigured the box to start in runlevel 3 instead of 5 so 
I can just run startx. I did run this lastnight my wife mentioned the 
screen was blank. It was not blank when the runlevel was set to 5 and I 
ran startx. Any ideas?


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