Speakfreely problem:

Erik Heil eheil at patmedia.net
Thu Nov 20 21:07:27 EST 2003

Hi, jeff.  Isn't /dev/audio usually on Solaris and Sun workstations if
memory serves me correctly?  I've never seen such devices on Linux-based
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> Hi Steve:
> I've never heard of the /dev/audioctl device, and I don't have one.  Do
> have /dev/audio?
> On a somewhat related note.  I'm running devfs on this box.  My
> understanding was that devfs was meant to just work, but ALSA doesn't seem
> to create the appropriate device files.  I have to run the snd_devices
> script in the driver source tree before I can play any audio.  Loading the
> ALSA modules does initiate the mixer, however.
> Anyone got this setup working and willing to share their configs?
> Geoff.
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