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Tue Nov 18 12:22:07 EST 2003

Did we forget our meds today? May I suggest another pill? You're
sounding a tad piqued.

kevin writes:
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>                                   introduction
>    Alsa has come a long way sinse it was first created. What a system! It use
>    to be speech was only a thing of the Windows world. Not anymore! Alsa,
>    however sophisticated, lacked one thing that has sparked much debate. It
>    lacked the frameview. Now, you may be thinking, "hold on...this isn't
>    windows... we are dealing with the world of console!" Yes, you are right.
>    You see, alsa was made to be a flexible system and while it cannot

Etc., etc., etc. Too much dribbvle isn't worth repeating.

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