realplay and trplayer

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sun Nov 16 19:36:39 EST 2003

realplay says I didn't set my DISPLAY variable and it must mean correctly
because before I tried running that I used export DISPLAY=0:0.  trplayer
on redhat at least and this is current stable version 1.20 insists on
going out to the web if a file or url is put on its command line.  I
reinstalled redhat 8.0 so I could install Bastille Linux Project and run
that.  It requires a Tk module or it won't work and though I may have
downloaded the correct module, cpan installed it in the wrong place for
Bastille.  The Bastille is the higher priority issue for me and the only
reason I did anything with realplayer and trplayer was that I couldn't get
bastille working.  Has anyone here bounced off any of the same bumpers and
would have if memory serves.ome advice?  I downloaded the latest version
of Bastille which is now 2.4 I

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