unsessary scrap messages

showell at lrxms.net showell at lrxms.net
Sun Nov 16 18:22:38 EST 2003

No lad Kirk isn't dead, but let me say this and hopefully all will 
listen. The list isn't any worse off than it has been, all of us are who 
have gotten into this thread and carried it on. Yes everyone plays a 
role in the mess by posting any comments of any type. I know I'm guility 
of it myself. Point is those who are twits will die twits and there's 
nothing anyone here can do unless they decide to have the twits fingers 
removed; as a  start. So, lets all take pause, grab the man page for 
procmail or ask for a little filter line, and lets keep moving. Hell 
read the man page first, its pretty interesting. If nothing else, just 
send all twitmail direct to the twit in question and save us the pain of 
slogging through the muck.<grin>

It was fun, but now we must move on. Oh and last I check Kirk is live 
and well, but obviously got better things to do than play message cop. I 
think it has been said he knows we're adults or at least intelligent to 
use some common sense. So lets show the good captain we can.


Ps. It was fun though in a twisted way, but then I'm a twisted kind of 

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