List noise

Allan Shaw technews at
Sun Nov 16 14:24:18 EST 2003

Hi folks,

Just wanted to comment on the large volume of list noise which has become 
very prevalent once again over the past several days.

It seems as though many on the list have forgotten the main 
purpose/function of this particular list and seem more interested in 
creating noise and detracting from its value.  Now I'm not pointing a 
finger at anyone in particular, simply because I just don't have that many 
fingers in order to point them at all those who continue to propagate this 
continuous waste of space.

I truly feel sorry for all those electrons who have been aggravated in 
order to transmit this unnecessary list traffic not to mention everyone 
else on the list.

so I ask, lets see if we all can't get back to the main focus and point of 
this list and move on, get over it!

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