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Yes stop this!  This is wayyy off topic.
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> On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 12:56:22PM -0500, Chris Gilland wrote:
> > tell you this:  my truth will not come from a web site, but from the
> > book, of the Word of God...
> >
> Ah, we are agreed on that point. However, I think you'll find that
> there is little agreement on what is and what is not in the "true word
> of God". The true word of god was, after all, transcribed--and
> manipulated--by very fallible men, including the church leaders
> (political and the same, generally) of the day, being in
> the first three or four centuries of the last millennium. Far be it
> for me, one uneducated in these things and one who hasn't memorized
> the whole of the Bible from front to back, to argue theology
> though. (Besides, I expect there are those who would have it that I'm
> not even Christian, and have, therefore, no place for an opinion, but
> whether I am or am not isn't for anyone else to decide anyway.)
> Another point of reference though; All Things Considered (
> a couple Saturdays ago--I'd like to say three weeks ago, but as time
> passes, one week seems about like another--was where I first even
> heard of the book of Thomas. Certainly I'd heard of the Apocrypha, but
> only vaguely. I understand there was also, somewhere, a book of Mary
> (as in Mary Magdelene), but I'm afraid I don't know much about
> that. Less, in fact, about that than this, and about this I know
> precious little. Anyway, I, also, don't take anything on the Internet
> as Gospel, but I don't totally discount it out of hand either. It's
> another source of information. Anyway, if you care to discuss this
> further, let's not bore the rest of the list, shall we?
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