Proving Myself

Chris Gilland chris at
Sun Nov 16 13:37:41 EST 2003

oK, let's take this in to context now that I have had a bit of time to look
closer into it...

Yes, it is true, that judice did betray, and that Peter did deny, but Thomas
firstly was a disciple not a book of the Bible...  Remember when Christ
entered the upper room and and Thomas said, lord, if it's really you, then
allow me to see for myself? and Christ told him to put his hand in his side?
when he did, he proclaimed, my lord, my Lord, you are! the son of God!  Then
what did he tell Thomas?  it is because of you seeing that you have
believed...  Blessid are those who believe but have not seen...

As far as taking the Bible out of context, again, you're right, but the
scripture from proverbs, that i quoted was taken straight from the text...
The Bible can't contridict itself...  Either it is! the Word, and is truth,
and life, or it's a total lie, which thus would be saying that God is a
liar, and Satan is not...

it can't be a two-way road...


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