varifying isos?

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Sun Nov 16 12:34:40 EST 2003

Many of the ftp sites don't offer the iso files for Slackware anymore.  If 
you're getting them over a cable or DSL (or faster) connection then 
bittorrent is definitely the way to go.  However, if you do use bittorrent, 
please try to leave it running for a while after you finish your download 
so that some others can get the files from you and so that a large burden 
is not placed on a few individuals.

If, on the other hand, you are on a modem, you might consider an 
alternative means of getting the files.  I have them on CD and would be 
happy to mail them to you.  Or, you could purchase them from

At 12:33 AM 11/16/03, Jes and guide dog Harley wrote:

>Jacob, I went to the ftp site you  gave me and looked in the slackware 9.1 
>directory. I found md5 and asc files, but am not sure
>how to varify them? and why are they only 189 bytes? Thanks for the help
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