Debian or slackware?

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Subject: Debian or slackware?

> Folks, I have a few questions about my first installation of Linux. I'm
wondering since I am a total newby, if I should go with
> debian woodie/potato first, or try slackware 9.1 for a trial run?
Firstly, Jes, I don't really consider you all that much of a newbie...  I
mean, you certainly seem to know a bit more than myself...  not that this is
a game of compitition guys...  let me ask ya this jes, do you plan on
wanting in the long run to run any servers, like http, ftp, or anything like

If so, then Slackware 9.1 will probably be your best bet, as I hear that it
is great, for running servers...  not completely sure why, uh, prince, maybe
you can help me out here...


I don't need a lot of packages right now, I want a lot but don't
> need a lot for an introduction to Linux, and I figure that if I'm going to
get really introduced to it the less packages, the
> better. This way, I can be more focused on the structure of the operating
system itself, rather than on what packages do what and
> which ones I have installed, etc.
Well, i'm not sure...  it kind of depends on you, as an individual...  In my
case, I know i'd want as many packages as possible this way i wouldn't have
to spend the headaches later trying to get them and get them installed...
again though, that's really totally up to you...

My final question is, I know that to install Debian's packages you must have
an iso image of the
> cd unless you want to do a network install (which I'm not planning on.)
but what about slackware? If I have to have an iso image,
> where do I get the cd images?

jes, there are I think like 4 CD's to Slackware 9.1 but I believe the last
two are just source code, so it's up to you whether you want them, but
you'll certainly need the first two CD's...  Especially if you wanna use
Gnome with Gnopernicus.

Anyway, jes, get the Iso files from:
You could also get them from bittorrent but that will take a lot
longer then just downloading them from the above ftp site.

> Thanks a lot for any help.

You betchuhh bro!


> Jes
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