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If you read this thread you would know that I never talked about actually
having a V B for Linux.  Also, I know that will never run on that kind of
Furthermore, I did write that code.
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Hi all,

As for the long unanswered question of what language that is written in,
that would be the component object model. Granted, I've never written
anything in it but I can sure as hell recognize it since I've used Dos for
approximately eight years. As for you Kevin, you have done nothing but
demonstrate your inability to spell your own filename, and program in
Linux. (It's m o u s e m o d u l e. not m o u s e m o d u a l. If you truly
did write that bit of code, you would know how to spell it.) That code will
never run on a Unix system. And as for VB for Linux, you might as well get
that vision out of your head since that will probably never happen. I would
suggest unsubscribing from this list before you clutter it with anymore
useless code and ramblings about how "good" a programmer you are.

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