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Arrg, python, yuck, hehe sorry, just had to get that in first.

If you want to drop me an email off list I've got 

* learning python
* programming python 2nd edition
* Python and XML
* Python pocket reference

In etext format.

In relation to streamcast, I looked at a little while ago and ditched it in favour of icecast with transcoder.

transcoder is a little program you run on the same server as your icecast server and it takes the stream in high bitrate, say 128, 96, 56, etc and re-encodes it for lower bitrates.

It can also convert an ogg stream to mp3 or and mp3 stream to ogg if you really want it to.

I can't remember the url to transcoder off the top of my head, but I'm sure you'll find it on freshmeat.

Don't get it mixed up with transcode though, which converts different video formats.

Hope this helps.

>From Mitchell

> hi,
> I'm wondering who would be the best person to speak to about learning
> python.
> or what would be the best docs to read?
> mind you I prefer the first as I like that interaction thing.
> I'm thinking of incorperating ogg/vorbis support into supercast as well
> as doing a few little changes and I wanna make sure I know what I'm
> breaking first.
> for those of you that don't know,
> supercast is a shoutcast like server where shoutcast or similar clients
> can send their mp3 streams.
> the advantage supercast has over shoutcast is it is able to reencode the
> stream and rebroadcast it at 3 different bitrates similtaniously so zas
> to be able to accomodate several connection types.
> if anyone either knows python or knows of some good docs, please contact
> me.
> thanks in advance.
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