best way to install freebsd

Dj Statik djstatik at
Sat Nov 15 16:59:31 EST 2003

It can be installed using a serial console.

Is the only way that I have found to install it.

What would be nice is if it had an unattended installation system like RH
(kickstart) or Solaris (jumpstart), but as far as I know, such a think for
FreeBSD doesn't exist, am happy to be proven wrong on that one.

Just try a google for "FreeBSD serial console install"

it has been quite a while since I have attempted such an install, and from
memory it was pretty ugly last time I tried, but it's deffinatly possible.

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> Hi all. Once I get a few extra boxes around here I'm thinking of playing
> with freebsd. can anyone tell me the best way to go about instqalling
> this without sited help if this is infact possible?
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