Proving myself

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Sat Nov 15 11:23:41 EST 2003

So I am useless to you?  Well I am sorry that you feel that way.
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> Honestly, hasn't this gone far enough.
> I personally am on this list to learn about the progress of speakup, and
to assist others where I can.
> When I have to sift through 30 or so messages a day of pure crap, mainly
from one person, my finger lurks dangeriously near the unsubscribe button.
> Surely the admins could step in at this point, and start bouncing useless
people off this list.
> And I know he's an agrivating little loser, but must the rest of you
perpetuate the problem by flaming him back *repetedly*?
> Catch ya.
> >From Mitchell
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