Proving myself

Ann Parsons akp at
Fri Nov 14 20:10:47 EST 2003

Hi all,

>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Nowak <greg at> writes:

    Gregory> Hmmm, now if I had a wild imagination, I might just be
    Gregory> willing to say that this looks vaguely like c.

    Gregory> Bottom line is that if I wasn't a programmer, I would be
    Gregory> very impressed probably, based on how this looks. But,
    Gregory> since I am a programmer ...

In other words it is badly written and doesn't do what it says it
does?  I'm not a programmer, so hence I have no idea if the spell
works or not.  However, judging from the previous letters this mage
has sent, I postulate that he's sort of like the sorcerer's
apprentice?  I hope he isn't going to fille the list with pail after
pail of water brought by brooms??? 

Ann P.

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