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Fri Nov 14 19:36:30 EST 2003

virus. you can tell bc it's a screensaver. why would someone send out 
a program with the extension of a screensaver? 
On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 
at 06:00:38PM -0600, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> I tried to post this with the actual message I got from Paypal before but
> the application must have been with it and
> it was too big.
> Has anybody else gotten a letter from paypal saying their account will
> expire in five days and it's necessary to use the attached application to
> re-enroll/update their account?
> I'm wondering (a) if it's legitimate, and (b) if there's any way for us to
> do this (it's a .asp.scr application).
> I also have had problems because when I log in to paypal in lynx the
> cat lately I'm asked to
> resubmit a user agreement and when I submit it I'm told that I've used
> some non-us characters, even though I am only hitting a submit button and
> not entering anything. I submitted it in links the chain and now I don't
> get this
> when I use links the chain, but lynx the cat still does this each time I
> go to use it.
> Other than getting the .wav file with characters to be entered to work
> when registering,
> Paypal has up to now been mostly accessible, so I'm not too happy with the
> problems with the agreement and now this application we are supposed to
> use. Actually, I'm quite  suspicious of the latter.
> The email is one of those automated do-not-reply things, so I'll have to
> find a customer service email to write to, but thought somebody onlist
> might already know something about this.
> thanks.
> -- Cheryl
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