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Thu Nov 13 18:26:21 EST 2003

Yup there are a few text-mode aim clients. I use tnt which runs in 
emacs but It's kind of flaky and doesn't seem to be developed anymore. 
it's buddylist editor is broken somewhat and it doesn't convert those 
tags that get sent along with every message in aim. You also could use 
centericq but that can be a bit hard with speakup. I've found a 
program called naim to work pretty well. Do a google search and you 
should find it right away. I forget the url.
If all else fails, you can use imserv on any of the irc networks that 
have it. has it installed.
On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 
05:07:04PM -0600, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Hi all.
> I know chatting clients have been discussed on this list a number of
> times, but I never before paid attention. However, a friend of mine
> has recently gotten broadband, he is on aim, and I would like to chat
> with him.
> I seem to recall that there are aim clients for the text console, but
> that's all I know.
> If someone could please enlighten me as to what I need, and where I
> can get it from, I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks in advance.
> Greg
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