Modprobe -r Strangeness

Steve Holmes steve at
Thu Nov 13 00:12:38 EST 2003

I just popped in the latest CVS version of Speakup and the Speakout
stuff is workin' good now.:)  But I discovered a strange deal when I
do a
"modprobe -r speakup_spkout".  I can't really say if this started
today or if it is the similar problem Gene talked about last week or
so.  When I do 
"modprobe -r speakup_spkout" from an ssh session, it unloads both
speakup_spkout and speakupmain as I would expect.  I can then load
speakup with
"modprobe speakup_spkout" with no problems either.

However... if I do the unload command from a normal console, the
machine locks up and any remote sessions are also hung up.  I cannot
ctrl-alt-del or any of that.  I have to power off the machine to get
things back.  So the strangeness here is modprobe -r... works
perfectly from a remote session but locks up tighter than a drum if it
is done from a normal tty from a local root login.

Speakup v-2.00 CVS: Wed Nov 12 15:52:50 EST 2003 
synth spkout version 1.1

Anyone else experence this?
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