Linux-and-Virus Programs?

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Wed Nov 12 17:44:57 EST 2003

I'm sorry for not answering your question directly, but
If you were searching for songs and received an executable. Here's some
advice, delete it right now.

Also, try getting norton antivirus 2004 or if you can, norton system
works 2004 which I have been using for the longest time now. Obviously,
I've been upgrading the products as they come along, but I love the
norton suite of tools, and have tested it against a host of different
viruses and worms; it passed with flying colors for me.

Take care,

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Hi All:  Some of my linux experts have told me I don't need to have any
anti-virus programs. Reason I am asking is that I am sharing files on
Mutella in Linux.  While I was looking for Christmas dance music, I
ended up with a file, which is an executeable.  I don't know its
content, but I hope its music.  I would feel much better if I could scan
it while in Linux before I run it from Jaws in win98. Are their any
suggestions or speech friendly Linux virus programs I can run with
speakup? Much earlier this year I had alot of trouble with backdoor
viruses in windows. Thanks so much in advance Hart

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