Linux-and-Virus Programs?

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Wed Nov 12 17:48:11 EST 2003

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Hart Larry wrote:

> Hi All:  Some of my linux experts have told me I don't need to have any
> anti-virus programs.
> Reason I am asking is that I am sharing files on Mutella in Linux.  While I was
> looking for Christmas dance music, I ended up with a file, which is an
> executeable.  I don't know its content, but I hope its music.  I would feel
> much better if I could scan it while in Linux before I run it from Jaws in
> win98.

Frankly, if he knew you were had Windows machines on your network, then 
I'd find a new expert!  I am in the process of implementation anti-virus 
on my mail system, even though I don't currently have Windows boxes here, 
because at the very least they eat bandwidth.

In answer to your question, I'd not run *anything* that's an executable 
that you get from Gnutella.  One reason is that record companies have 
software which will create a file on the fly to match whatever search 
string you enter, returning it to you in the hope that you'll run it.  The 
majority of these just create loads and loads of IE windows and you have 
to reboot to clear it, but I have heard that some are more sinister.

> Are their any suggestions or speech friendly Linux virus programs I can run
> with speakup?

Well, I don't know how it works stand-alone, though it should, check out:

> Much earlier this year I had alot of trouble with backdoor viruses in windows.

Well, backdoors can be made harmless with the use of a decent firewall - 
why not use your Linux box, which is therefore immune to such 
vinfiltrations for the most part?

Kind regards.

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