Could I just copy the apolo module from here?

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Wed Nov 12 17:30:41 EST 2003

I'll be back in the office in the morning.  I waited an hour for it to
recompile and the disc was still spinning.  I'm back in in about eight
hours time so I'll grab the eyes sorry attention of a sighted person and
find out what's on screen.

If that hasn't worked I'll probably wait until a new speakup modified
kernel is released as I'm a big coward and I don't want to break the
system ***again***

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You might be able to force a module to load. Generally, you want modules
matched to the kernel and distro you're running.

So, I suppose you have nothing to lose for trying, but don't expect that
this is the best solution.

Darragh writes:
> From: "Darragh" <lists at>
> Hello,
> I'm running Red Hat 8 here.  I don't remember what version of speakup 
> its using.  It's the one with the messy apollo.
> Even though it's a bit distorted, its fixable.  Could I just copy that

> compiled module to the fedora box?
> I notice that the synth module is gone.  Does that mean that I can 
> just type speakup_APOLO ? That would be nice.
> Thanks again
> Darragh
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