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Darragh lists at digitaldarragh.com
Wed Nov 12 12:01:55 EST 2003

Hello again,
well I eventually got it installed by typing rpm --force.
I found modules for all the other synths but the apolo and I then found the
C code for it.  I've checked the apolo module and am now recompiling the
kernel.  after this, assuming there are no errors I'll try to use make
install then modprobe speakup_apolo

The speakup I'm using is 2.0 from cvs.

I got it from:

This matches the kernel information on the log in screen.

I had always thought that the line for starting speakup was
speakup_synth=APOLO when did this change or am I just messed up from all
this typing.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be undoing everything that I've done when
someone tells me there is a much easier way.

Oh, I got it back to run level 3 as well.  yay!


Oh the reason that the kernel wouldn't install is I forgot to change from
text to binary when copying it from my computer to the linux machine.  when
I tried to install it I was told that i was already there.  I used
the --force arguement to try it any way.


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