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simple question really.  but I don't have the answer.  for installing the
kurnel I type the line
rpm -i kernel-2.4.22-2.nptlspk2.i686.rpm
and hit enter but I get an error message. any ideas why?
I've tried using the fool path as well with no change.


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As a suggestion, you may want to add a section on yum into your how-to.

If you don't know yum, it is an easy-to-use command-line-based
application that does an excellent job of managing your rpms. Yum is
also very useful for doing such system activities as:
Installing applications.
Removing applications.
Keeping your system up-to-date.
Doing system upgrades.
The overall advantage to yum is that it takes away all the guess work
when it comes to dependencies.

I have found a partial yum how-to at:
that you maybe able to use / modify for the speakup community.

The yum info page can be found at:

Otherwise, the How-to that I read on RH9 was easy to follow.

Just my thoughts for the future.

OH YEAH! I did an "yum upgrade" to fedora to see if it can be done, and
it worked like a charm. Once all was done, I re-started my computer and
was running fedora. Ain't life good!

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