important, need to get software synth running

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Nov 12 09:32:13 EST 2003

Did you rsync? If so, you have the kernels with speakup included and
need to turn on almost with the command you sho, but not quite.

If you did not rsync, you need to download the kernel from the ftp site
appropriate to your cpu. and install it with rpm.

Since you're using an Apollo, your command is:

modprobe speakup_apolo

and nothing else. Note the bad spelling of "apolo."

To install the Speakup kernel you need to:

rpm -Uv []

Please note that all these examples with brackets/braces [],
or {speakup_synth} are tokens. You don't type [speakup_synth], you
substitute the appropriate synth identifier as understood by the code
Speakup inserts in the kernel. Get that wrong, and you certainly will
not have speech.

So, for the Doubletalk internal it becomes:

modprobe speakup_dtlk

And for your Apollo it is as I gave it above, with the bad spelling and

Darragh writes:
> From: "Darragh" <lists at>
> Hello.  I have fedora installed but speakup isn't speaking.  I think its
> because of this apolo but am not sure.
> I think I'm doomed.  when I use the lines
> setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none
> modprobe speakup_{synth_keyword}
> it tells me that modprobe has failed.
> can I stress enough that I'm really anxious to get this working?  I think
> the line for speakup is in grub somewhere.  can I find out where that is?
> Thanks
> Darragh
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