fetchmail question

Barry Pollock barryp at mail.hurontel.on.ca
Tue Nov 11 01:38:19 EST 2003

Could you send me your /etc/fetchmailrc as they can cancel out.
I usually add a
fetchmail command to my .bash_profile or my .bashrc file in /home/barryp
Also, if you are using new libraries,
you should use exim4
rather than exim3.
when given the option to permanently update to exim4 you should do so.
Once the update is complete, fetchmail works fine.
In debian, exim4 is available in unstable.

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Scott Howell wrote:

> Barry,
> Thanks, yes I have one of those. Actually the system-wide fetchmailrc is
> in /etc, but the one I am using is in /home as you stated.
> Scott
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