APOLLO problems

Darragh lists at digitaldarragh.com
Mon Nov 10 18:48:44 EST 2003

I've had this synth for little over a year and already its giving me
problems.  I have one message to any one thinking of buying an APOLO2,
don't.  Its sluggish in windows and difficult to understand in Linux.

Ok, now that I've complained I'll get to the problem.
When LILO comes up at boot the APOLLO says something like C sadilla
about seven or eight times.  If I'm loooky it will then say what I'm
booting into but only if I'm lucky.  Today when I eventually got the
fedora installation working I got some speech out of it but now its

I don't think this is a linux problem.  Its more than likely with the
apolo as I'm not getting anything out of it in windows either.  

Has any one come across this?  Is it possible to fix my self or do I
have to go begging for another synth.



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