Fedora aint workin

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I do apologise.  In my haste I forgot to make any sence at all.  

I started the installation by typing
Text speakup_synth=APOLO
But I only got about two seconds into where speakup started speaking
before I got about four lines of errors and I was told that it was safe
to reboot.
I also tried typing linux text but I got the same result.
While I could grab a sighted person I tried using the graphicle install
by just hitting enter at the prompt but again nothing happened after the
same point.
Is there any way that I can capture the error messages that I'm getting?

Again, let me say that I haven't even got into the place where it asks
me what language I want to use.


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I don't follow, Darah, please elaborate.

Are you saying you went through the entirinstallation process but cannot
boot? Or are you saying you cannot get the installer to run?

If the former, have you gone into single user mode as per my message
this morning to kill firstboot?

Darragh writes:
> From: "Darragh" <lists at digitaldarragh.com>
> Good evening,
> I just installed the three fedora discs to find that I got about 
> thirty seconds into the install before it stopped telling me that it 
> was safe to reboot the computer.
> There were about four lines of errors just before that that I don't 
> remember.
> Any ideas?
> Darragh
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