Synths with speakup.

Hart Larry chime at
Mon Nov 10 09:15:43 EST 2003

Hi Toby:  I seem to be running a Dec-Talk-PC 1 with speakup.  Sure it works,
but if you like to arrow alot through a screen, the Dec-Talk is very slow to be
interrupted.  Also, there are some oddities in for example, version 4.1 c.
When a word finishes with a sound of a vowel, it is jammed together with the
beginning of the next word, so he took   becomes hetook.  Also, if there are 2
consecutive punctuations, I think they are spoken.  If numbers-and-letters are
mixed in the same word, they are spoken charictor by charictor.
And lastly, I don't know of a way to ajust how Dec-Talk is handling numbers?

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