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Oh ok. Thanks for that.

Take care,

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     Actually, there's no need to edit the xinetd files.  chkconfig 
handles this also.  Just do: chkconfig telnet on
It's most spiffy.  chkconfig will signal xinetd for you, so you don't
need to restart it.

Bill in Denver

On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Janina Sajka wrote:

> Hi, Sina:
> Sina Bahram writes:
> > 
> > ... but how do I check if I am running gnome or kde for the desktop 
> > environment. Is there any command I can do via telnet?
> The configuration of Xwindows use is at /etc/X11. However, I don't 
> think you need to worry about it. It's not as if you can't smoothly 
> stray from one to another.
> Rather, your concern is to have the desktop come up talking with 
> Gnopernicus following your login on the graphical login dialog--or 
> following your launch of gnopernicus from the command line.
> > Also how
> > can I enable telnet and ftp. I can ssh into the box but it's a 
> > crappy ssh and I want to enable the telnet client and the ftp 
> > server.
> Areyou unable to use your Fedora Core system natively for some reason?

> The results and the learning curve will be significantly enhanced if 
> you do. Certainly, you're not going to succeed with Gnopernicus over 
> telnet, at the very least.
> However, to answer the question you asked, you'll need to enable both 
> telnet and vsftp servers, and allow their ports if the Linux machine's

> firewall is on, as it likely is.
> Here's what to study:
> Learn about the service command:
> service [] start/stop/restart
> For the more permanent fix, learn the chkconfig command.
> To enable/disable various firewall (and other) settings, use the setup

> command.
> Look at the configurations for vsftp under /etc and tweak as you see 
> fit. Also, edit the telnet configuration file under /etc/xinetd.d/ -- 
> and be aware that you need to restart xinetd after so doing.
> 				How do I just get an ftp that will let
me do anything I
> > want.
> Well, I have never heard of an interface that lets one do anything 
> they want. However, you can configure vsftp to do all that it can for 
> you as described above.
> 				Janina
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