Fragmented speech using Redhat 8.0 and Apollo2

Sheila Acock sheilac at
Sat Nov 8 18:02:07 EST 2003


Please don't shoot me down or tell me to go and read the documentation.
I was really keen to try Linux, and have spent many more hours than I
ought to have done reading documentation, but I can't say it came
together as a coherent whole, and I have had so many problems, I am
feeling quite discouraged.

 Having read the HowTo about installing Redhat with Speakup, I decided
to take the plunge and buy a box set in the hope that I could get a
system up  and running to play with fairly quickly.

I won't bore you with details of the problems encountered, but I now
have Redhat 8.0 running on a system with an Athlon 850  processor, with
250 mb memory and an Apollo2 synth.  The trouble is, the speech is so
disjointed I am having difficulty making much sense of it.

Looking back through the List archive, I see that a couple of people
reported a similar problem using Apollo2 and Redhat 8 back in February.
There did not seem to be a completely satisfactory solution, though one
person said that a suggestion involving "delay_time" and "jiffy_delta"
had helped to some extent.

I have signed up for Janina's pre-Techshare Linux workshop, but I don't
think I'm going to make much progresss until I can get reasonable
speech, so any help in sorting this problem would be much appreciated,
remembering that I am a complete newbie and need things spelt out in
words of one syllable.



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