[drupal-support] Re: Error On Every Screen

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Sat Nov 8 09:54:25 EST 2003


There is PHP v4 in the stable release, but it's version 4.1.2.  It's in
the php4 package.  You can search for packages by using the apt-cache
command, assuming you have apt configured and updated.  Type:

apt-cache search <string to search for>

Note that this searches available packages, not packages you have

You can then use:

apt-cache show <packagename>

To show you all the details of a given package, and

apt-get install <package name>

to install it.

I just checked on some systems I have access to that run less stable
releases.  The version in testing (Sarge) is the same as the one in stable
(Woody).  The version in unstable is 4.3.3 (the most recent 4.x version
last time I looked on php.net).  Note though that it's likely you'll have
to upgrade your entire distribution to unstable if you go the package route
of getting something greater than 4.2.  Unless you want to live on the
bleeding edge, I recommend against this.

If you simply must have a version of PHP greater than 4.2 and you don't
want to move to unstable, I'd seriously consider compiling it from source.
I've not done this, but it may ultimately prove to be less headache than
moving to unstable.  I compiled python the other day from source and it was
a walk in the park.


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