Debating if i should unsubscribe

Chris Gilland chris at
Fri Nov 7 05:34:08 EST 2003

Well, kevin, granted, with the Alsa drivers, you didn't exactly make it 
very clear as to what they did, I'll admit that, however, I still agree 
with you that people can be quite rude...  Tell ya what:  if you'll write 
me privately, off list, and I'll give you my addi here in a second, maybe 
you and I together could work on the documentation and try to get it 
looking really neet, so that most people can understand it...  By the way: 
I don't mean that as an insult that you didn't do a good job, I'd love to 
see what you've done, but without very clear documentation, it makes it 
somewhat hard...  Again though as I said: maybe if you could explain to me 
step by step off list what exactly are the main highlight differences, we 
can go from there, and try to make it a bit more clear...

You take care bro...


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