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Steve Holmes steve at
Thu Nov 6 22:02:35 EST 2003

And to add to the comments below, the Speakup package comes with a
checkout script and all you needs do is run this as a simple shell
script and it will go out and fetch the latest CVS version of Speakup
for you and patch it in place.  Actually, I'm not positive checkout
comes inside the Speakup tar ball but it is surely available from the
linux-speakup FTP site.

When you run it, it prompts you for a "CVSROOT" ID.  Just hit enter at
this prompt for anonymous; then when prompted for a password, just
type 'please' without the tick marks.  Then it should do its magic for
you:)  Like was said below, the code can change one or more times per
day thus can be very unstable at times.  Use at your own risk, but the
current feature set in CVS is usually worth it!

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 10:06:28PM -0500, Janina Sajka wrote:
> The CVS version of Speakup is the version currently under development.
> It is not available as a single tarball. In other words you don't
> download speakup.tar.gz to get it. Instead, you use the "Concurrent
> Versions System" CVS
> CVS is a way for different people in different parts of the world to all
> work together on a single software project. CVS keeps track of who
> checked in what lines of code. It is an environment for software
> developers.
> Getting the CVS version of Speakup means getting the current state of
> the software code. It will be different tomorrow, and again the next day
> as new code is checked in.

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