Debating if i should unsubscribe

Chris Gilland chris at
Thu Nov 6 17:53:54 EST 2003

For those of you who have not been on the reflecter much, or at all today, 
go ahead and delete this mail, as it'll do you know good to read it 
further, but for those who were on at the same time as I:

look:  i know that I can be a brat at times, OK, yeah, I know I was cutting 
people off tonight, but what do you all expect! it was out of my control! i 
sat here and purposely told you all over and over and over and over that 
you all were not coming through, and that you were breaking up 
terribly...  i even wrote it out in a text chat...  You all can't give me 
the excuse either that it was windows cutting up on me as no it wasn't. I 
wasn't even in! windows at the time, so don't even start...  What was I 
supposed to do! i had no indication that I was interupting, and when I told 
you all to write me in a text chat, no one even dared to ablige, so don't 
you all be blaming me for something I cannot help, OK?  i'm trying damn 
hard to keep my cool, but i'm really about at my thread!  i was gonna shut 
up and not say this on list, but i think after all I will...  i thought 
Linux was an open source quote: project, not OS. i thought we were supposed 
to quote: help each other? not put each other down by scolding?  Yeah yeah, 
go head, give the usual, Chris, you're outta line, you're over reacting, ah 
save it! it'll do no good...  i'm gonna be honest, so if yall don't wanna 
hear it, then hit the D key and delete, see if I care...  and this about 
mayking me echo back to talk to myself on the reflecter, may or may not be 
accidental, but if it's not, then you let me tell yall something: that is 
ver'r'ry immature, and I do not! appreciate it... again, should that be 
ententionally done... I know it's rude to interupt people: I'm not stupid! 
but what can I do! so, unless I get some apologies over here, especially 
from one person I hung up on tonight, my journey on the reflecter and this 
list both! is finnished and final! close the Bible on it, it's done! End of 
discussion! I rest my case, and will now say absolutely no more, as I have 
nothing more to say to you all...  In fact, I'm so livid, I won't even 
close by signing my name, you don't know who this is? look on the from line 
header you dodo!

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