new Keynote Gold PC driver

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Nov 6 16:58:01 EST 2003

I would actually use the PCMCIA version, should that come to pass. It
would alleviate the hassle of a second device with serial cable which is
such a nuisance on airline flights and in other places where putting the
setup together is a hassle.

Kirk Reiser writes:
> From: Kirk Reiser <kirk at>
> Hi folks, David Borrowski has written a speakup driver for the Keynot
> Gold PC synth.  If anyone has one of these would they mind getting the
> cvs version of speakup and trying it out.  We would certainly
> appreciate feedback and suggestions.  We also would like to know if
> anyone wants a keynote gold stand alone or serial version.  I have a
> Keynote PCMCIA card so we'll attempt a driver for that as well if we
> can find the ports and if it has brights.
>   Kirk
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