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Thu Nov 6 10:06:25 EST 2003

Well, you did ask whether you can. To the question of "can," the answer
is certainly yes.

What you really want to know, I suspect, Is how much effort you'll have
to put in to make it functional, and what kind of functionality you'll
end up with. While the last part depends on what you think you'll do
with it, the answer to all of this  at this point is "not much."
Consider that Gnopernicus is in it's very first release, as is all of
gui accessibility on Linux. It's foolish, therefore, to expect the moon.

Jared writes:
> From: "Jared" <jared-stofflett at>
> I know nepernicus can be run under red hat, and now fidora. I have heard,
> but not confermed that debian uses older versions of packages. I'm setting
> up an older machine to run as a file server, and will probably run it in the
> console most of the time. My question is can I configure debian to run
> nepernicus? My impression is that it is possible, but not as easy to do over
> red hat, but I'm pritty ignorent with this so appreciate any info.
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