R'r'really fuckin pissed!

Chris Gilland chris at mailvision.ath.cx
Wed Nov 5 15:47:43 EST 2003

You all just wouldn't believe! how much processor power it takes to burn a
disc under Windows!  man!  I had to slow down my 48x writer, all the
stinkin! way! to 8X, just to get the bazaared thing to burn!

Nevertheless, it finally worked...  Sorry if I got a bit repetative this
morning on the reflecter...  I know I probably may a bugged a few of yall by
asking the same things over and over, so sorry bout that, it's just...  You
can't imagine how annoying it is, going without my linux...  It's mine, and
all mine!!!  Waaaaa!  Chris sucks his thumb...  LOL!  just kiddin.


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