Somewhat off topic, not really, but sort of...

Chris Gilland chris at
Wed Nov 5 07:57:33 EST 2003

I want to get on the speakup reflecter, under the windows 32 bit speak 
freely so that I can get some help before doing my installation of 
Linux...  The problem, is that I am sitting behind a DLink D I 6 14+ 
Wireless lan router...  I don't have a clue what I need to do to get 
SpeakFreely to work...  Apparently, not only can I not hear anyone else, 
but they can't hear me either...  I tried even going to the echo-back 
server, which did me no good...  I know my mike is set right...  i'm very 
accustomed with the volume control, as I use it daily in a recording studio 
environment...  i just need to know what port range to open, and plus, this 
router is extremely inaccessible or so it seems...  i tried open the ports 
that I was told were correct, but it didn't do much good...  i'm not 
exactly sure, if I need to open them as a port range within a virtual 
server - if which, i don't know how to do port ranges there...  or do I 
need to set it as an application trigger port, at which case I did, and 
still no luck...  or... so at least, I thought I did...  Could someone 
maybe willingly be ever so kind to write me off list to request the login 
info, and look remotely at my router and see if you can fix the problem?

Be sure when you write if you're willing to look, to supply me with your IP 
address...  not a dns address, but your physical numerical IP address...



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