Any FERM Users

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Wed Nov 5 04:26:05 EST 2003

I've been using it locally for a little while, it's fairly complex, but not
half as painful as tring to script the firewall rules yourself.

If you want something really simple though you might want to check out
freshmeat for phptables or similar, i.e. a nice little web GUI where you can
tick a couple of boxes and have it spit out a iptables script for you, but
it can't do anything overly complicated.

If you want to script a nice secure and functional firewall though FERM is a
great way to go about it.

It's docs are pretty useful too.

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> I am looking for a firewall scripting language, or structure system, for
> iptables configurations.
> I have found some X solutions, but I'm looking for something textmode.
> The most promising of these I have found, are no longer supported, or have
> not been recently updated.
> I did, however, come across FERM (Debian: apt-get install ferm).
> Has anyone used this, and/or what are the thoughts of anyone who has any,
> respecting this system?
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> Luke
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