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This is off the top of my head so may not be fully accurate:

1.)	You can get the hyperlinks to be numbered. I find that helpful.

2.)	You can get the cursor to track. That's critical, of course.

But, I think that's about it. The chain does not do the table
serialization thing like the cat does, therefore you get islands of text
on screen that someone can see belong together, but that reads very
poorly with a screen reader's basically left to right and top to bottom
reading strategy.

Also, not all javascript pages will work. I'm sorry, I don't recall all
the details. Hope this helps, though.

Deedra Waters writes:
> From: Deedra Waters <deedra at>
> I've seen people talk about being able to use links in the past. What I
> want to know, is are there tips to getting links to play nice? I'm having
> problems moving to some links on pages, and in others, if the page is in
> columns it reads very badly. I'm in desperate need of a browser that
> supports java script, so I can fill out some financial aid applications
> for school.
> Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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